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Imagine being handed everything you need to know about planning a wedding as soon as you get engaged…

Sure, it is a lot of fun hitting up your local bookstore or attending a nearby bridal show. That is still acceptable! But let’s be real, the best part about the bookstore is the Starbucks and the smell of new books, and bridal shows are great for free wine and being drowned in ring compliments and congratulatory praises. Okay, so I’ve sold you on the idea of still going to the bookstore or bridal show, but then what?

If you’re anything like us at BigDay, you don’t have tons of time to read a 250-page book, or Google everything under the sun that there is to know about planning a wedding. Nah, I want my information and I want it quick and easy. Enter, BigDay Box.

The idea of BigDay Box was founded on a need we heard loud and clear from lots of brides planning their weddings or beginning the journey: “I have no idea where to start.”

What to expect with BigDay Box

Wedding planning is overwhelming and time consuming – there is no sugarcoating it. So instead of starting off with being bombarded with advice from other brides or overwhelmed by the amount of trends in a wedding planning magazine, start with BigDay Box.

Comprehensive advice.

We’ve interviewed vendors, we’ve interviewed the engaged, and we’ve organized their guidance into simple tip cards that can be used when meeting with or selecting vendors. 

Tools and checklists.

There’s a drawing board for every major project, especially wedding planning. We include a 38-page wedding planning workbook to help keep couples organized, along with a couple of fun checklists.

Gifts for the bride.

What’s a wedding box with out some bridal swag? Now offering our Build Your Own BigDay Box so that you can now completely customize your own BigDay Box.

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