Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Insurance During a Pandemic

In the midst of a global crisis, brides are wondering about everything they need to know about wedding insurance during a pandemic. Brides-to-be everywhere are trying not to panic about the possibility of cancellations or modifications on one of the happiest days of their lives. Let’s face it, when we’re planning our dream wedding we don’t want to skip out on details. Some weddings involve big time spending on the perfect wedding dress, food, vendors, decor, and other essential elements. And, although it’s hard to imagine, there are possible disasters that could affect your big day and result in severe financial loss. 

In the case that everything doesn’t go as planned, or we are faced with a historical pandemic (like today), it’s safe and smart to have wedding insurance to avoid financial loss and more stress and anxiety than weddings can already cause. Here is everything you need to know about wedding insurance during a pandemic.

What is Wedding Insurance? 

Wedding insurance protects a couple’s investment from disasters that could unknowingly happen during their wedding. Since many couples choose to go big for their wedding, it makes sense to invest in insurance so that if something goes wrong you can be easily reimbursed. 

There are many unknowns when it comes to planning a big event such as a wedding. For example, what if the wedding DJ doesn’t show up and you have to scramble to find another one at the last minute? What if the bride’s gown gets lost the day before in baggage claim? What if the venue for your reception goes bankrupt due to the Coronavirus? These are all possible wedding day financial loss scenarios that wedding insurance can help with. 

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance can protect your personal finances from unplanned situations such as weather cancellations, vendor bankruptcies, a ruined wedding dress, and more. You’re probably thinking: do I really need this? You might need it more than you think! 

Many wedding venues require liability coverage in the case of damage or injury on-site. You may have limited venue options to choose from if you do not have liability insurance, so it’s something to consider if you’ve fallen in love with a place that requires it. Check with vendors in advance on how well they are covered so you don’t overlap because they may already have insurance. This is important especially if you are serving alcohol at the event. Ask for a copy of the policy and review what is not covered. If the venue does not have insurance, liability is smart and may even be required. A liquor liability insurance will protect the couple’s finances from liquor related damages or injury. 

If the venue does not have insurance, liability is a smart idea and may even be required by the site. On one of the happiest days of your life, you do not want to be held personally responsible for accidents (especially alcohol related) at your own wedding. Having cancellation insurance is also a good idea depending on location and timing. For example, if you’re planning to have your wedding at a beach during hurricane season.

Let’s take a closer look at these two types of wedding insurance…

Types of Wedding Insurance 

There are two types of wedding insurance: liability insurance and cancellation insurance

Liability insurance protects the couple’s responsibility from accidents and injuries occurring during the ceremony or reception. This type of insurance also can cover medical liability during the event. This kind of insurance is useful for weddings serving alcohol since the outcome of potential incidents are typically liquor related. Check to see if your venue already has liability insurance (especially if they have a liquor permit). If not, purchasing a liability insurance may be required in order to host an event at that site. 

Then there’s cancellation coverage, which reimburses you in the unfortunate case that the wedding needs to be called off for circumstances outside of your control. Reasons for cancelling the wedding could include sudden illness, severe weather, a pandemic, or more. For example, many couples are fearing that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact their special day in the near future. Wedding Insurance can help modify aspects of your wedding to adhere to social distancing guidelines or whatever the concern may be. 

It is important to note that nearly all wedding insurance companies do not cover “Change of Heart” cancellations. In the case that either the bride or groom has cold feet, wedding insurance may not reimburse you. 

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Basic coverage for a wedding can start at as low as $66 and be anywhere up to $550. General liability insurance tends to cover $1,000,000 of damage and accidents which costs around $185. Pricing depends on different coverage plans and add-ons. It may be affected by the number of attendees, location, timing, and circumstances. For example, if you’re having a wedding with 500 guests it probably will be more expensive than a wedding with 50 people. 

Insurance could be expensive but at the end of the day it is protecting the uncertainty of more expensive losses. It’s also important to know that most companies have limitations on how far in advance you can purchase insurance so make sure you find a company that suits your needs, so be sure to look into it sooner rather than later so you’re ahead of the game. We’ve included some options to consider later on!

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

We understand wedding insurance can be pretty complicated as it is, so we’d like to share more insight on what wedding insurance typically covers since most brides are unaware:

  • Location / venue: Check to see if the ceremony and reception venues are insured beforehand. If not, wedding insurance can cover the cost of unavoidable cancellations for the site. Possible cancellations include extreme weather conflicts, fire hazards, a pandemic, or just plain closed. 
  • Weather: This includes any type of weather that somehow prevents the couple or other essential relatives that are a necessary presence at the wedding from attending. This insurance covers rescheduling the wedding as well as rearranging event details such as food, flowers, tent rentals, and more. 
  • Vendor no-show: Sometimes the unfortunate thing happens where your caterer or other vendor mixes up the date and is nowhere to be found. This occurrence is uncertain yet not impossible. According to The Knot, a popular wedding website, almost 30% of wedding insurance claims were vendor related in 2019. Wedding insurance can help reimburse you for vendor no-show so you don’t have to panic about paying three times as much for another vendor. 
  • Sickness or injury: In the event that either the bride, groom, or an essential figure is severely sick or injured on the day of the wedding, wedding insurance covers it. This can also apply to any essential figure becoming sick or injured during the wedding. For example, if someone gets food poisoning at the reception. 
  • Military or job: Military personnel can be deployed at any moment’s notice. Wedding insurance can cover finances if either the bride or groom suddenly has military duty. In addition, job relocation or career change that affects the wedding can be covered by insurance. Make sure to check with the wedding insurance company before because not all cover for military deployment. 

In addition to the above, you can also cover additional components as “add-ons.” This includes the below:

  • Photography/ Videography: This is applied to the event that the photographer fails to show on the day of the wedding. The couple can also be reimbursed for photos that are ruined, damaged, stolen, or lost. The same idea applies to wedding videos and videographers. 
  • Gifts: Wedding gifts are typically mailed to the couple or given at the site of the wedding. It is common for wedding crashers or others to steal gifts or for the couple to find that some gifts are damaged. Wedding insurance can be granted on gifts to protect them from damage. 
  • Personal liability: Personal liability covers bodily injuries and property damage caused by accidents that occur during the wedding ceremony or event. If the ring bearer trips down the aisle and sprains his ankle, medical insurance can cover that. If the event becomes too rowdy and your drunk Uncle Rob starts accidentally breaking glasses at the bar. Wedding liability insurance can cover the damage costs. 

Wedding insurance does not cover…

  • Wedding insurance does not cover lost, stolen, or damaged; jewelry, watches, gems from clothing, or expensive attire. 
  • However, engagement rings are an entirely different category from jewelry and are supported by wedding insurance. 
  • “Change of Heart” is typically not applicable for many wedding insurance companies. If either the bride or groom backs out before the wedding, insurance is not covered. 

Wedding Insurance and COVID-19

Unfortunately, many wedding insurance companies are not accepting the pandemic for wedding coverage purposes. Wedding insurance does not cover potential issues that you already know about in advance. Wedding insurance covers accidents that are unknown on the date. When looking into wedding planning policies, exclude circumstances that are already known to you. 

The pandemic is not included among most coverages. However, you may purchase other wedding insurance policies that may be affected as a result of the pandemic. An example is buying cancellation insurance for the site or location of the wedding that plans to be open in September but closes at the time due to social distancing guidelines as a result of COVID-19. 

Wedding Insurance Companies to Consider

Listed below are expert recommended wedding insurance companies with great financial ratings. Each company has something different to offer to fit your protection needs. If you’re interested in any of these insurance companies, don’t hesitate to contact or visit their website. In addition to what’s provided below, be sure to also get in touch with your current insurance provider as a lot of the existing companies you’re likely affiliated with can offer coverage as well!


Wedsure is great for international weddings and includes a Change of Heart coverage! However in order to get a free quote, you must fill an application online. It was founded in 2011 and backed by Allianz Insurance. Wedsure offers both liability coverage and cancellation coverage in addition to add-ons such as gift, weather, loss of deposits, and more. Depending on the type of plan you choose and additional add-ons you select, wedding cancellations start at $125. The most popular coverage offered is the Wedding Liability Insurance plan which starts at $125 and covers everything from medical lawsuits, damage from alcohol related incidents, and more. Wedsure operates in limited countries so make sure to check if they are available in your location! To learn more visit: https://www.wedsure.com/ 

eWed Insurance

eWed Insurance coverage plans start at $105. What’s great about this company is it allows you to buy coverage literally up until the day before your wedding. It also has the fastest underwriting for coverage plans. If you plan on having your dream destination wedding, there are limited options so check to see if they operate in the location! eWed Insurance provides insurance through Houston Casualty Company. There are two types of wedding insurance including wedding cancellation and liability coverage. Cancellation policies are only applicable in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. To learn more visit: https://www.ewedinsurance.com/ 


This company allows you to apply for a free online quote and personalizes the coverage policy. EventHelper has a solid customer service reputation that is willing to address your concerns every step of the wedding planning process. EventHelper is owned by Progressive and has insurance available for wedding/ event liability, wedding cancellation, and other coverages such as gifts, attire, and theft damage. The price begins at $66 for mineral coverage and can be adjusted based on personal add-ons to ensure that the policy is personalized and meets your needs. Purchasing a policy online takes a few minutes and if the policy does not meet your expectations, EventHelper can refund your whole policy. To learn more visit: https://www.theeventhelper.com/ 


Wedsafe has been around since 1999 and allows a 15% discount for buying the two main types of coverage at once. A great factor about this company is you buy liability coverage up until the day before the event. Wedsafe is backed by Nationwide Insurance and requires full information of the wedding date in order to get a free quote. In addition, Wedsafe can protect policies in case that something goes unplanned at your wedding. The two types of wedding insurance are liability insurance that provides liability and weather coverage as well as cancellation or postponement insurance. You can receive quotes for buying these types of insurance online through an easy application process. To learn more visit: https://www.wedsafe.com/Pages/home.aspx


There are plenty of reasons to purchase wedding insurance for the big day.  Having coverage on your expensive wedding essentials takes away stress of disaster. In short, hope for the best but plan for the worst. You don’t want a disaster to ruin your wedding and on top of that lose a ton of money. With COVID-19 as a concern for many couples it is important to think about the possibilities of potential obstacles created from the virus. 

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