How it works:

a monthly wedding planning subscription box.

Whether you’re three months out from your big day or 10+ months, we’re really excited to be able to provide you with a road map to a kicka** wedding day through our wedding planning box. We’ve seen enough through our experiences that could help brides both win big and avoid even the simplest mistakes.

Lucky for you, everything that’s gone incredibly right (or totally wrong) has led to the design of our virtual wedding planning service. Here’s how it works:

Step 01

Say Yes

Then say YES to BigDay Box! Get or gift a personalized subscription plan with up to 12 curated boxes.

Step 02

Take a Short Survey

Give us the skinny on when the big day is (or when it might be) and what items you’ve already crossed off your list.

Based on when your wedding will be, our team crafts together a completely customized countdown for each month leading up to your big day.

Step 03

Feel “Engaged” Monthly

Pun intended. Every month before your wedding you will receive a BigDay Box that includes:

  • Where you should be up until this point
  • What you need to do next month
  • Tips and advice for big (and small) decisions
  • Themed gifts that align with where you’re at in the wedding planning process

Ready to jump in?

We're ready to plan a wedding if you are.

The (not so) Fine Print

Finally, a wedding planning box that actually feels like you hired a wedding planner! Skip spending $3,000+ for wedding planning guidance. Skip the mistakes and avoid the question marks. Get started with BigDay Box for $39/month for up to 12 months before your wedding date. Subscriptions expire the month before your wedding.

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