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BigDay Box founder Ashley Anton was preparing for a wedding as a day-of coordinator to a bride getting married at the Jersey Shore. After the initial consultation, Ashley realized that this soon-to-be Mrs. was totally lost two months before the wedding – definitely not a great sign! They didn’t have enough transportation prepared, the photographer would only be able to stay until soon after the reception started, and they over-booked hotel rooms in their wedding block. After tons of questions, several tissues later, and lots of late nights redoing everything the bride had done the last several months, Ashley was able to come to the wedding day feeling totally confident that everything would actually be okay.

In November 2017, BigDay Box was born as Ashley’s alternative approach to standard (and expensive) guidance couples needed leading up to their big day. If only Ashley’s Jersey Shore bride was able to be set up for success from the very beginning, she would have saved bus loads of money – not to mention a lot of unnecessary stress! Ugh, brides should feel pumped about their big day, not, as another former bride put it, “ready to elope instead.”

Through a couple of iterations, Ashley discovered that it wasn’t just the advice brides wanted (and needed) that would bring the most value to BigDay Box. In November 2018, Ashley’s counterpart popped the question and tied the knot December 2019. Alas, through her own experiences as a bride, BigDay Box was about to evolve into something even better!

A couple of months after getting engaged, Ashley “hired” her very own wedding planning support system – ten super amazing ladies that she’d call bridesmaids. Unbeknownst to her, they were coordinating the most incredible wedding countdown! Leading up to her wedding Ashley received one themed gift every month. From fitness and honeymoon swag to the absolutely necessary “relaxation” themed box… she had something to look forward to every month until she said “I Do!”

To pass on the special feeling that Ashley’s bridal team gave her leading up to her big day, the new and improved BigDay Box was born.


So, why BigDay Box?

From wedding planner, to bride, to CEO - why Ashley started BigDay Box!


To help guide brides throughout the entire wedding planning process and give them everything they need to know


To keep brides excited and “engaged” in planning their big day with the most adorable, practical gifts inside


To encourage brides to feel confident in their wedding plans and thus eliminate any stress leading up to the big day

Bride to Be Wedding Planner holding BigDay Box

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Two truths and a lie

Below are two truths and one lie about Ashley. Guess right and she’ll personally send you a code for 25% off your first month of BigDay Box!

  1. While interning for New York Fashion Week one year, she sent crazy cool shoes to Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
  2. Bruce Springsteen once gifted her a book to teach her how to play her dad’s favorite song on the guitar.
  3. Her grandmother was straight from the Philippines, which makes her part Filipino – therefore she speaks fluent tagalog.


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