Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors If Postponing Due to COVID-19

Preparing for a wedding is super exciting and almost as fun as the wedding itself. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus has added stress and uncertainty for many couples-to-be everywhere as they plan for the big day, and brides are wondering what types of questions to ask wedding vendors if postponing due to COVID-19. During these crazy times, know that you are not alone and you will get married! There are millions of couples that are also having to deal with postponing and rearranging their wedding because of COVID-19.  It is important to keep updated on your state and local health policies since the guidelines of safety are always changing. In the meantime, start moving forward and working with vendors to figure out a plan.

While this process may be super overwhelming, we’ve got you covered with the most important questions to ask your vendors during this time. E-mail is convenient for asking these questions as it is COVID-19 safe and you will get a response in writing. Remember to be open and stay positive, it may seem tough now but you are still going to have the most magical day with the love of your life! Everyone is rooting for you and wants to see you celebrate your love. Below are questions to ask your wedding vendors if you have to postpone due to COVID-19. 

What to ask your wedding venue: 

Many couples are concerned with the impact that Coronavirus may have on their Fall 2020 wedding. There are many unknowns while deciding how to go about this process but know that your wedding vendors are by your side throughout this difficult time. Postponing the wedding may result in moving the date to a different season. It may seem strange but embrace the change! If your wedding was supposed to be in August and now it is in November, it may not feel right to have summer decor at a fall wedding (especially. Check with the venue for their input and options regarding rescheduling your wedding celebration. 

Key Questions: 

  • What fees are associated with postponing or canceling our wedding? 
  • What is your position on our current date regarding COVID-19? 
  • In the event that the venue is temporarily shut down, what is the best way to contact you? 
  • In response to COVID-19, what are some of the precautions you will be taking upon reopening? 
  • What are our options if we reschedule to a different season? Would we be credited the difference paid originally for peak season?
  • If we have to have less people due to social distancing requirements, will we be able to change our balance based on the new headcount?

What to ask your photographer: 

Wedding photos are precious glimpses of your special day that you will cherish forever. Due to COVID-19, your photographer may be temporarily closed for health reasons and more. Every photographer and photography business is different. It is important to call and check on cancellation policies for financial reasons and logistics. Remember that these people are dealing with the difficulties of the pandemic right now and may not have all the answers at the moment. Availability over the next few months may be sparse so think outside the box! Have an open mind to a later wedding or a weekday wedding. Your vendors will surely be available and they will be super accommodating. 

Key Questions: 

  • What is your cancellation/ postponement policy? 
  • Is there a cost associated with rescheduling? 
  • What is your availability over the next few months? 
  • Are you still comfortable traveling for our wedding? (Destination weddings) 
  • Can we transfer our deposit to the new date? 

What to ask your florist:

Many florists are small businesses that are also dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 during this time. Keep updated with a consistent check in to know what floral arrangements and delivery methods are available. If your wedding date is being moved to a different season, have an open mind since those plants may not be in season or cancelled because of the pandemic. Be positive and patient as plants come from all over the world which may be difficult during this unprecedented time. Florists are experts in their field. Listen to their ideas for the best plants to choose for your wedding! They will 100% be invested in finding the most beautiful flowers to spice up your wedding. 

Key questions: 

  • What happens if we decide to cancel or postpone our wedding date? 
  • Where will our flowers be coming from? 
  • Do you foresee an issue from our chosen flowers? 
  • Will you help us pick different flowers if our wedding is in a new season? 
  • Can we apply our deposit to a new wedding date? 

What to ask your caterer:

When it comes to food at the wedding, we want the most delicious menu to celebrate! Check in with your caterer for an update on their business policy regarding COVID-19. It is important to note that small businesses may be feeling the effects of the pandemic as well and be forced to close. If your wedding is being postponed to a different season, meet with your caterer to discuss new menu ideas if desired. Check for what is in season and applicable for the timing of the wedding. Ask for financial policies and fees associated with postponing the wedding. All of this is overwhelming but your wedding will still happen even if it is slightly different from what you imagined. 

Key Questions: 

  • What is your availability for the next few months? 
  • What will you be changing about the food’s presentation and way it’s served in response to COVID-19? 
  • The guest count is lower because of COVID-19, can we pay based on the new count or will we still be charged for the old number? 
  • If we reschedule, do we have to change the menu? 
  • Will you help us pick a new menu if we reschedule? 


Weddings are one of the most important celebrations of you and your partner’s life together. It is an event to celebrate the beautiful love and commitment for one another through family, friends, music, food, and more. Much planning has been impacted by COVID-19 unfortunately. While postponing your wedding may seem super chaotic, we hope that these questions to ask wedding vendors will help.

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