Weddings Post Pandemic

Weddings Post Pandemic 

People will be happy to celebrate the new normal of weddings more than ever. 

As COVID-19 guidelines are winding down, there is a new normal for weddings as states reopen and business as usual resumes. The CDC recommends social gatherings of no more than 50 people. The future of weddings after the pandemic varies on state guidelines so be aware of any changes. Some areas of concern necessary for your wedding are health and safety measures, communication, and planning. Weddings may look different but you will still celebrate with your family and friends! 

Health and Safety Measures 

Although COVID-19 restrictions are starting to loosen, many guests and vendors still have concerns regarding health and safety measures. Businesses are learning a new term called COVID- compliance which maximizes space and limits capacity for health measures.  As the world begins to recover from the Coronavirus, wedding venues and receptions will need to take extra precaution. Addressing the concerns of COVID-19 can be covered by adding more sanitary steps within the event. There are plenty of smart solutions to help make your big day clean, safe and enjoyable! 


We recommend having accessible hand sanitizer and wipes available for guests. Sanitizing stations can be set up accordingly throughout your wedding and during transportation. Think about your guests riding the limo to the reception or after sitting together in the ceremony. It is important to communicate with your vendors about their COVID-19 protocol in order to find a way to make everyone feel safe and happy! Also, don’t be shy to ask vendors whatever questions you have . They are willing to support your concerns throughout this tough time. Having gloves and masks are also great to have to prevent spreading germs. Talk to venues and vendors the logistics of distributing masks as it could vary based on location and layout. Gloves have long been a tradition at weddings so you can even turn it into a fashionable wedding piece for your attire! 


A big concern for the health and safety of guests at weddings also deals with dining. Many couples wish to have delicious meals at their celebrations but may have to reconsider a few details. Catering businesses are seeing new rules and etiquette when it comes to service and presentation to help follow safety guidelines. Most caterers are shying away from buffets and family style serving techniques. Instead new serving styles are being adapted and revised. Couples may want to review their menu plan and reach out to their vendors on policy menu options. Rental services, caterers, and event designers are researching and absorbing tons of information in order to help you understand specific details of this changing process. 

Intimate Weddings 

More and more weddings are being downsized as a result of social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC. Couples should check in with venues about capacity limits and spacing for outdoor or indoor events. If the couple plans on having guests with higher risk to COVID than it is best to have thoughtful seating arrangements. Even though the rules and regulations of the virus are slowing down, there is still much uncertainty of the future. Many people are still uncomfortable travelling or gathering in large groups. As a result, intimate weddings are on the rise! The best part of having an intimate wedding means that the less guests you have the more money you can spend on design! 

Wedding Communication 

Couples cannot control the outcome of COVID-19 affecting their big day. However they can still be efficient in reaching out to guests continuously to update any necessary changes. A fun way to issue safety information is by having a separate card or paper mailed with your wedding invitation. The card can be a simple bullet list addressing facial coverings, social distancing, food, and safety measures. Along with your save the date, dress code, and time add health instructions so that your guests feel safe, prepared, and ready to celebrate! 

Having a Wedding FAQ website is another organized way to answer common questions and concerns regarding the pandemic. The website can be totally personalized and even include fun details of your love story! Having a section that addresses COVID related information will reassure guests and get them more excited for your wedding! 

Wedding Planning 

Millions of couples are changing the date of their wedding because of COVID-19. BigDay Box is here to help you get organized and navigate through this tough time. We have the best information to get you through this transitional phase regarding health and safety as well as vendors. We are here to keep you up to date with the wedding industry. As social distancing is still in effect, outdoor weddings are becoming the new normal. Within the last decade, indoor to outdoor weddings are more in demand. Outdoor spaces allow for more seating options and social distancing measures. Outdoor weddings also allow guests to have more intimate conversations rather than being stuck to one seat inside. Check with wedding venues as they might even have an indoor option with an additional outdoor space available. The most important factors in this process are working on layouts to match the number of guests. 

Have Backup Dates 

The future is unknown and changing. Having multiple backup dates ready is necessary because everyone is rescheduling their wedding. Many couples have postponed their weddings through August 2020 on top of everyone who has preexisting weddings planned. Talk to vendors and venues about options. Many couples are choosing to have weekday weddings or opting for Thursday, Friday, and Sunday to have nuptials. The best part of having a weekday wedding is that vendors are more available. Weddings are a place to celebrate love and joy! Even in these tough times, love does not fail and you will tie the knot! 

For more information about weddings during the current global pandemic, visit our blog!