When Will It Be Safe For Weddings To Resume?

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many moving parts regardless of what time of the year it happens to fall on the calendar. And now, throw in a global pandemic and whoa, here’s more to consider in addition to what you’ve already been stressing out over.


With things slowly starting to return to normal, a popular question has become, “when will it be safe for weddings to resume?” Especially for those brides that have weddings within the Summer months as things are slowly starting to ramp back up. How can we be so sure that as outdoor dining is reintroduced and HomeGoods is open (thank god), numbers will continue to drop? It’s definitely a scary time we’re living in at the moment – enter uncertainty, enter anxiety. 


Across the globe, many Summer weddings are being cancelled, postponed, or downsized due to existing health measures being enforced. Social distancing guidelines are affecting large group gatherings, especially ones with at-risk folks in attendance. We hate to say it, but at least for the rest of 2020 it seems like large weddings may become difficult to have… but we have our fingers crossed and are looking at the glass half full regardless of what the media is telling us.


A global pandemic is something that is hard enough to navigate for our governing powers (evidently), let alone for us as a bridal community. Nothing is truly predictable at this time, but we can do our best to stay optimistic and anticipate plans as things change.


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Much of the Coronavirus outbreak is traced back to large group gatherings and mass events that bring travellers who might expose the virus to new communities. The last thing you want to remember at your wedding is everyone getting sick with COVID-19. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) states that gatherings should be kept at a minimum of 50 people or less at a six feet apart distance. What this means for weddings is that your guest count, travel details, location, and date may have to change because of health guidelines. 


Many couples have cancelled, postponed, or resorted to smaller scale weddings. Unfortunately, there is no question that weddings in 2020 will look different than before. Coronavirus has changed this industry and simpler weddings are becoming increasingly more popular (for this year so far). 


For couples who are planning to settle and start a family soon, chucking the big plans and restoring to a much simpler (and smaller) ceremony might be the best solution for you. For couples who aren’t in as much of a rush, booking the same date the following year can still allow you to have your dream wedding in the timeframe you’ve been desiring all along!


So, When Will it Be Safe For Weddings to Resume? 


Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations of your life, and you WILL tie the knot and have your big day! This is a stressful time for everyone. Our advice is to be prepared, follow reliable news and policies, and have an open discussion with your vendors and guests. At BigDay Box, we are here to help you plan and guide you through this industry with the best options. No matter what happens, the celebration of you and your partner’s love and commitment is important to everyone! 


In the New Jersey and New York area, many COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted beginning June 15th. That said, it seems like weddings may be safe to resume in the seemingly near future! But, while this is a step in the right direction, know that your guests may not be totally comfortable travelling or being in large crowds. If you were planning on getting married this summer, talk to friends and family on their level of comfortability travelling and health concerns. It is important to have your guests feel healthy and safe at the site of the wedding.


While you’re making decisions, continue to update your guests whether by email, phone call or snail mail. Do your best to be accommodating to any and all questions, because though this is an extremely important day to you, they’re also trying to feel comfortable to be there in support of your love for one another. Be prepared for changes in attendance and try to be understanding of those that are not totally on board with the idea at this time. Additionally, continue to communicate with your vendors and hear out their options. Maybe you’ll score an even better deal out of postponing. Hey, I don’t hate it. 


My Wedding’s in the Fall, Am I Safe?


If your wedding is in the Fall, or being postponed until the Fall, use this time to plan for the new normal. Consider the new accommodations you may need to make to ensure your guests feel comfortable, especially if as you get closer to the fall the guidelines are still not quite where you need them to be. That could include consulting your venue to ask about having hand sanitizing stations throughout the location, or perhaps you can get some custom mini hand-sani bottles made for wedding favors. Sure, not so “dreamy” but I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 guests would actually love it. 


But, to answer your question – we don’t know if you are safe. We’d like to say yes, but the only data backing up that yes is an optimistic feeling from our CEO. If you intend on keeping your date booked in the Fall, try your best to not to drive yourself crazy wondering this because we have no idea what’s in store for the Fall. The most we can do is stay positive. 


Know that whatever happens you can and will still get married in the near future. Weddings may look different but you are still celebrating the commitment of love and life together. So many couples across the globe are dealing with the same tragedies. Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. Talk to your partner or a close friend about your concerns, have a good cry – whatever it may be. Notice these thoughts and accept them. 


Regardless, it is an exciting time of your life. Great ways to express your doubts and unsettling feelings are through journaling, meditation, exercising, and talking to a professional. During this overwhelming experience it is most important to prioritize your own health, physically and mentally. 

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